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let's get it started


i realized today that i had made a blog account a while ago but never used it. so i thought i'd procrastinate and check out what this whole blog business is about. it took me unusually long to figure out how to add a picture on my profile after downloading picasa and hello. but i was finally able to add one and it turned to be look pretty i might change it later once i have a better one.

i tried this whole blog thing last year, except that was in an AIM subprofile. I posted for a couple of weeks and then got too lazy. it's still in my AIM profile for those of you who dont have a life and want to check it out.

that previous post by called "mankit" was actually done by mike, who registered me on and just added a post to show me how it works. you can find his blog here:

alrite it's 2:34 AM and i think this is enuf for my first post. i'll add more every now and then when im procrastinating again. till then...good nite!

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