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Happy Halloween!


2006-10-29 Halloween '06
And don't forget to get your free burritos!

This is unbelievable!


A German Engineer, who is obsessed with Bollywood songs (even though he does not understand them), sings Chodavi Ka Chand at a large dinner gathering of Engineers from the world over

Rukawat Ke Liye Khed Hai


I've finally decided to post after a very slow start to the fall quarter. I can go on and on about what a hard time I had in the first few weeks of the quarter when we didn't have gas or internet in the new apartment and how the unfurnished place prevented me from staying organized and motivated, but everything is fine now so there's no point in bitching about all that.

I was gonna post during Navratri but even that is over now. So I'll just put up this link to acknowledge the recently elapsed festival.

I've only been to one football game so far. Sad, I know. But OSU is just so good this year that the games are extremely boring to watch even on TV. It feels like they can dominate anyone and the other team should not even try. I really hope the last game is exciting.

School is alrite. After working all summer I forgot what it's like to study for classes and do your homework. So I've been learning how to be a good student all over again. I also learned that the closer I get to graduation, the less interest I have in my major. So that always helps when you're in your senior year and you're trying to figure out where your life is going after this.

We're getting posession of our newly built house this week and we'll move in next weekend. It's kinda weird to leave our current house. I didn't think I was attached to this house but now the thought of moving out of it has started to make me feel a bit homesick.

I saw Don today. Nice movie. In fact, I'll audaciously say that it's better than the original as far as the overall execution of the screenplay goes. And the new twist in the ending really made it a whole new film.

I think I'm gonna grow my hair out till I graduate.

What should I be for Halloween this year?

Highlights of the quarter so far:
2006-09-29 From Garba to Deepa

More to come later...

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