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happy halloween


After getting such wonderful responses, I decided to give some serious thought to this whole halloween costume thing. Obviously me and Adip were too cheap to go buy a nice costume. So we put our creative hats on for this one. Those of you who know me know how much I love bad jokes. I think some of the funniest jokes are the corny ones that require the least amount of meaningful thinking. Our costumes were developed straight from that concept:

I was dressed as E-"male" (get it? E-male? Hence the arrow and the male symbol?? OK...I thought it was funny...)

Adip was a Coldblooded "Cereal" Killer. Everybody loved his costume!

Cereal Killing in action...Special thanks to Namrata for the cool makeup!

the (Halloween) party scene

Hey where'd he come from?

Enjoying the dark beer...

Being friendly with the Mammogram Machine

Cereal Killer with Marylin Monroe

that's hilarious!!

Cereal Killer with a Lady Bug

E-male with the ladybug and a pirate

Line for the bathroom

A green fairy saying "E-maling is cool!"

This line is taking forever...

Beer khatam, paisa hajam. Time to go home!

Made it home safe. I couldn't resist!

And then came the drunk-dialing...

Aren't these (sound) signals loud enough!?

In the comforting presence of Deepa...

Finally sleeping so peacefully

Lesson learned: Don't drink hard liquor over beer.

What should I be for Halloween?


Me: What should I be for halloween?
Sonal: You can try being nice.

...any other suggestions?

i know i know...


haven't updated in so long. but just like someone said...i try to take one day at a time but several days attack me at once. had an eventful weekend though. Friday me and Adip went to celebrate a Jewish festival where we had dinner under a sukka and had some good food. Then there was free pizza at the church which is always nice. Saturday afternoon was Neil, Deepa and Namrata's birthday lunch where all of us went to Don Pablo's for some decent mexican food and we also had a delicious chocolate cake made at home by Sonal. Later me and Adip went to Emily's party in south campus which was really fun. And then Sunday was the best because I went to see Dave Chappelle for free!!! 2 hours of nonstop laughter...definitely needed that!

So that's what's been happening. Tomorrow is going to be crazy. I have two homeworks due, a quiz, and a midterm that I'm not looking forward to at all! I hope I make it through. Speaking of midterms, I got an unexpected 91.5% on my ECE 341 midterm which was a pleasant surprise. I wish that happened more often.

That's it for now. I know that was a boring update but I'm too busy to post interesting things right now. It's that time of the quarter when I'll be screwed if I lose my focus now. So more posts will come once I find more time...

Till I Collapse


It's official, I'm dropping my History class. The last two weeks have been ridiculously busy. There wasn't a single day where I could do anything not related to school or clubs. Normally my weeks go by real fast. But this week has been so busy that it just doesn't seem to pass. The end of my Monday felt like it should've been a Thursday. I've just been running around going to classes and meetings and gym and homework and ocassionally some extra studying if there's any time left. I like my schedule this quarter because all my engineering classes are on MWF and my non-engineering classes are on TR. It's really cool cause I feel like I get to do something different everyday. And it also exercises both the sides of my brain every week. But lately I realized that there's no point for me to go to my History and Geological Science class because no matter how much I'm prepared I end up sleeping through the whole class. Especially in history class cause my professor just stands up there and tells us stories and everybody else just seems to know what to write down while I'm just interested in listening to him. The guy is really smart, and he doesn't just talk about history. He gives mini-lectures on so many different topics about economics, technology, pop culture, foreign policy, etc. Tomorrow I have a big quiz in there (15% of my grade.) I am not at all prepared for it because I don't take notes in class and I don't even have a book! Who the hell wants to pay $80 for a history book!? I don't have a book for Geo Sci either but I can still manage in there without one. But this class is just way to subjective for me at this point. Plus I don't really give a damn about who Louis XIV is. So tomorrow I'm going to my advisor and drop the class. I figured it's better to free up some time so I can work on my other classes rather than get a bad grade in a 5 credit-hour class. I'll probably take it next quarter.

I feel like a quitter. I really thought this time I was gonna make it through with 21 credits. And I know I's not about the workload. But I'm still gonna try to rationalize it by saying that the class was too subjective and I didn't have a book. And although I'll only have 16 credits left, it's still a ton of work because 3 of those classes are ECE!!!

Anyways, that was my whinying for the week. I was trying to think of what to write for my next post and I thought hey why not do what people normally do on blogs? In other news, this Saturday is the India Festival at the Veteran's Memorial from 10AM to 10PM. I'm part of an Indian Fusion band called PARAM and this time I'm participating for one of the songs. So if you're around here come and check it out! There are going to be lots of other dance performances and there'll be a large variety of Indian food too. And if you're not interested in either of those then you can always just come to do what most Indians come there for: socialize with fellow desis.

That's it for tonight...I'll update with Garba pictures after this weekend sometime! Oh and I almost forgot....Happy Dasera!!!

Controversial Post


Some highlights of the fresher's party...

Note: Those of you who feel offended by this post, WAH GO CRY ABOUT IT!!! (Though I strongly recommend that you laugh about it instead...)

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