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Wanted to change the default template for quite a while but never got around doing it. i liked this one mainly cause of the custom header image. i didn't have any other picture to put in it except this one. after adding the gradient on it in photoshop, i realized that it started to look, like pradeep said, "a lot less mango-treeish." So I had to change the name to something else. And this song was stuck in my head after seeing "Zinda" the night before, so I figured it was appropriate for a blog title. I also like how it shows the number of comments right next to the title of the post. Oh btw...I fixed the problem with the comments so it's working now. So those of you who were frustrated with it earlier, please add in your comments now!! Anyways, it's chai time, will post later!

From 2.61 to 3.36


Well hello there. Remember me? Probably not. Afterall it has been two months since my last actual post. And even that one was a boring one. The long hiatus from posting almost made me forget that I'm supposed to write something myself on this blog. But I hope you guys enjoyed all those articles that I kept posting. You're right Adip, should pay me for that!

Looks like Adip, who btw is enjoying his spring break in the sunny state of California, has been getting a lot of action on his blog. So I'm glad that some of you found another blog to waste time on while mine was inactive. I figured since he's gone, I should take advantage of his absence and post on my blog before he comes back and regains his position of having the most popular blog.

Now I could write a long post about every single thing that I did while I wasn't updating this, but that would just be boring. I think a quick highlight of everything would suffice. It's funny how my most difficult and busiest quarter turned out to be my best one, or at least a huge improvement over the previous quarters. While the Florida trip was a nice little break, I didn't know how crazy things were about to get.

My EPL class became a big pain in the ass, with two papers due every week for four straight weeks. As ironic as it sounds, I was actually losing motivation because of a Learning and Motivation Strategies class. The number of weekly homeworks and the rounds of midterms only added to the burden. After doing surprisingly well on my first round of exams, I gained some confidence and realized that maybe I do have a chance to make it through the quarter without dropping a class.

Apart from my schoolwork, a lot of other things happened. There was that time when me and Adip went to a party for three straight weekends. We would've gone for the fourth one too but we both had exams. I think that was just a taste of the upcoming Spring quarter, when chances of partying so frequently will be a lot higher. And then there was our trip to Purdue University (which sucks btw!) Going to Purdue reminded us why desi parties should be avoided. Purdue was also where I met that adorable Pakistani girl Subeen. I will never forget her... Oh and I almost forgot about ISA's glorious victory for being the best food stall at Taste of OSU, which I had absolutely no hand in. (Maybe that's why they won?)

All in all, this quarter was a good one. Yea I spent most of my time in the ECE computer lab and had to quit going to the gym and even posting on this blog, but I think those sacrifices were worth it. I didn't drop any classes, I completed my history series, and most importantly I accomplished my goal of taking 21 credits!! And I can't wait for next quarter when my load is going to be a lot lighter and I'm going to have a lot more time for other things better than school.

Speaking of which, here are some of the things I'm looking forward to next quarter:
  • Voice class with Sonal :-D
  • SRUJAN 2006
  • Going to the gym
  • Good weather (hopefully)
  • Big Free Concert (even thought I don't know who's coming this year)
  • Movies: The Da Vinci Code, Cars, and SUPERMAN RETURNS!!
Those are the major ones. I'm sure there will be lots of other surprises here and there. But for now I'm enjoying my break that I needed for so long. What've I been doing? Nothing :) And that's the beauty of it...

Ok, I was trying to make this a really long post to compensate for the last two months but I'm out of things to write about for now. And I also want to watch a movie really badly. So, I will resume writing later. Really, I will. Because now I can.

Ever gone into the mall and noticed that the music blasting out of all the pop-culture stores is never recent? That's because no-one listens to current music, good or bad, these days, and here's why.

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Should escapism escape from Bollywood?


Can she get any cuter???


Pakistani girls are the best!

Scientists believe the position in which a person goes to sleep provides an important clue about the kind of person they are.

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We'll find out soon...


The BBC has clarified one of its scaremongering 'filsharing = paedophilia' industry shill pieces with a complete 180 reversal and the declaration that filesharing is not theft.

The snowflakes are settling in Hell right now.

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