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Western Digital Rhymes


What can a boy do when he loses his most valuable possession? When he's all alone in a town that no one's heard of? And all he had was his music and his movies to remind him of his cherished celebrate his give him courage to face his future. What can a boy do when he loses everything???

He will start over. He will learn from his mistakes. He will be more careful. He will regain everything.

But before all that, he will express his grief through a few words:

staring at the wall
from the top of my bed
thinking of you
and all those things you said

you made me seem invincible
oh, what a feeling to imbed
you made me think that there were
only happy days ahead

but now you're gone away
and it's too late to shed
my tears of sorrow
from a mind mislead

but i think i'm almost done now
enough have i bled
it's time to move on now
and let my words be read

i know i should be sleeping
but i'm staying up instead
wondering how it would've been
if you weren't long gone and dead

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Good Night.

I think I've been cursed


Ever since I moved to Napoleon, I've been having some problem every week. First I didn't have Internet, then I couldn't use my phone, and now the most important piece of hardware in my life: my external hard drive is not working. Every time I connect it, my computer gives me the blue screen of death and restarts. My entire music collection is on this drive and without it I feel so empty. I literally have nothing to do in my room now. I'm not sure how much longer I can live like this. If anybody out there knows how to solve this problem please let me know immediately!

You'll Believe A Man Can Fly...and more!


After seeing the movie twice (once on opening night and then again in IMAX 3D) I'm glad to admit that Brandon Routh is my new Clark Kent/Superman. It's true that nobody can beat Christopher Reeves when it comes to brining life to the Man of Steel on screen. But Brandon did an amazing job of matching up to him. He met all my expectations when it comes to playing Superman. From the tone of his voice to his posture, Brandon is the Superman of our generation. He even pulled off Clark Kent really well. The way he smiles, that nervous timbre in his voice, the frequent raising of the eyebrows, it's all there and I loved it!

The rest of the cast also delivered really well. Kate Bosworth worked as Lois Lane. Sam Huntington was the dorky Jimmy Olsen that we all know. But the best performance in the whole film is definitely Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor! While Gene Hackman's Lex was amusing to watch, he was never really evil enough. But all that is fixed in Superman Returns. Lex Luthor is both funny and sadistic. I loved it when they showed him beat up Superman because that was never showed before. It really showed his hatred and enviousness towards Superman. Another surprise performance was Cyclops from X-Men (James Marsden) playing Lois Lane's boyfriend Richard White. We never got to really see him act in the X-Men movies but he does a great job in this one. And the most disappointing role was Kal Penn's. The guy didn't have a single line in the whole movie! What a waste of talent. I'm sure he's probably happy with just being in such a big movie.

BTW, I'll be mentioning some specific scenes from the movie now so those of you who haven't see it yet and wish to remain spoiler-free should skip to the bottom. Otherwise, highlight to read:

My expectations for this movie were very high. Afterall, they spent over $260 million just to make it. But it turned out to be a lot different than what I had expected. The biggest thing in the movie that I didn't expect was finding out that little kid is actually Superman's son. I never thought they would introduce such a character so early in the series. It would've made sense if they did that after three or four sequels, just cause they would run out of ideas by then. At first it made me mad because now Superman has to worry about protecting both his own identity as well as his son's. But after seeing the movie twice, I understood why it was not a bad decision. One thing that I was glad about was how they dealt with the kid's character. After the kid throws the piano at the bald guy, they don't show him suddenly doing more amazing feats or learning to fly. In fact, the kid is shown as a fragile little boy who has asthma and takes lots of medicine. So even though he's Superman's son, he's very weak and essentially more human. And I really liked Superman realizes that it's his son at the end. He finally finds what he was looking for: someone of his own blood. That's the whole reason he was missing for five years.

I expected the movie to be a lot more action-packed. When they showed the whole plane scene in the beginning, I thought there would be something even bigger and better at the end. But there really wasn't anything jaw-dropping. Nevertheless, the visual effects were outstanding. I could hardly tell the difference between CG Superman and real Superman. And the physics of his flying was right on spot. This time they even made his hair move while he was flying! And the way his cape fluttered as he was flying was just mindblowing. The way he lifted large heavy objects also looked very realistic. I'm sure the next one will have a lot more action.

The movie has quite a few flaws too. I hated how Clark Kent was able to just return to his job at The Daily Planet after being gone for five years. And I hated how even after seeing Superman return at the same time, no one is able to figure out his real identity. And nobody questions why Clark just randomly disappears. This has always been a problem with Superman and it's always brought up by non-Superman fans. Another thing I didn't like was how little they showed of Clark and his mother. I wish they had more screen time together. I hope they release an extended version on DVD!

Overall the film was really good. The casting was near perfect. The music was good. Basically, the film delivers in all departments. The last son of Krypton is back on screen. Bring on the sequel baby!!!

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