Pardon me while I burst

Ears Don't Lie


I feel like strangling Shakira everytime I hear her new song "Hips Don't Lie"

Only 2 more weeks


I can't believe we're in week 9 of this quarter. It seems like every week is worse than the previous one. The workload just keeps increasing. But that's probably cause I have been putting some assignments off for about 3 weeks now. Last quarter was so much better!

I saw The Da Vinci Code today. It was reasonably good. I didn't have any major complaints regarding the book-to-movie translation. But I can see those who haven't read the book not liking the movie. It's a lot of historical info to process in 2.5 hours. I loved Ian McKellen's performance and Audrey Tatou as Sophie Neveu was so adorable! It's definitely not one of those movies that HAS to be seen in a theater though.

This Wednesday's gonna be so awesome with the season finale of Lost. Can't wait to see how this season ends. They better not have a huge cliffhanger like last time!

There is just way too much crap I need to do before this quarter ends so I'm gonna get my act together in these last two weeks. Let's see how that goes.



It's a bird! It's a plane!!


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