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Shaking hands with Mike the poser. I realized that four hours go by a lot faster when you try to write a poem. This one I wrote during the span of two work days. Chronologically, this one was written before the Christopher Lee one, but I wasn't sure about putting it up for some obvious reasons. Anyways, hope you guys like it!

Saturday morning coming to work
asking for money and being a jerk
$100, $50, maybe a buck or two?
NO money? No was nice talking to you!

An hour went by, so far so good
tried to improve as much as I could
Calling so many people can get pretty boring
I won't be surprised if I just start snoring

Talked to someone who did ECE
she said junior year's not so EASY
but then this one guy said that the way to get by
is take lots of classes and diversify!

Sunday afternoon and here I am again
Calling alumni, trying to stay entertained
I'm giving this poetry thing another shot
I've gotten a lil' better but still not so hot

I'm still in the process of finishing the last part
of the poem about a girl I like a lot
I wonder what she'll think when she reads it out loud
Wonder if reading it will make her proud

Man this Harsh kid really sucks at his job
He still makes lots of bucks for being a FOB

California girl said: "Be cool, stay in school.
Enjoy your college years or you'd be a big fool!"
Her voice was as light as a necklace of pearls
I wish they all could be California girls!

long time no post (part 2)


Man, that History midterm was a lot easier than I had expected. I think I'll end up doing just fine. It feels so good to know that I don't have to go to Math class anymore. My days are gonna be so much longer and I'll have enough time to do schoolwork as well as other stuff. Speaking of other stuff, I have a whole bunch of tasks i need to finish that have been piled up for quite a while. The next 2-3 weeks are going to be busy!

Now I don't mean to brag or anything but if there's one thing I know I'm good at, it has to be finding the perfect song lyrics that accurately express what I'm feeling at a certain time. Those of you who check my away messages on AIM would know what I'm talking about. I have been using song lyrics as my away messages for a long time now. I've also always wished that I could write my own poetry that truly expresses myself and my experiences. So just a few weeks ago I decided to finally give it a shot. Yes, I got sick of myself just complaining about not having time to do fun things like try writing a poem or play my guitar and decided to use my time effectively. Anyways, so I thought that since 80% of the people I call at work don't answer their phones, I could use that time to write a few rhymes about anything that comes to my mind.

So I was talking to this alumni on the phone called Christopher Lee. He had studied Electrical & Computer Engineering just like I am right now. I always like talking to ECE majors because I can talk to them for a long time and ask them lots of questions about my major and the job industry and all that. So I asked this guy about his OSU experience and what's it like to be a Computer Engineer. "It sucks man!" Something I didn't expect him to admit. I asked him to elaborate and the guy went on and on about how he used to study all the time while his friends would go out and party. He told me that the amount of work he did in a week was the amount of work his friends did in the whole quarter. He always had classes on Fridays which he hated going to. Worst of all, the poor guy got some weird syndrome from too much strain which prevents him from working with computers!! I couldn't believe it...a computer engineer who can't work with computers! That pretty much eliminates majority of other jobs out there too! He even went on to admit that he realized in his senior year, when it was too late, that engineering wasn't really his thing...something that I have always feared.

After hearing all this, I felt like a complete ass asking him to give back to his college. But I had no choice. He told me that he had been unemployed for the last six months and was pretty much broke now. I felt terrible and didn't ask him again. The whole time it felt like he just needed to let everything out to someone who would really listen. He gave me a lot of good advice about how to keep a balance of classes and not just be a nerd and study all the time. College years are very precious and they shouldn't be wasted just like that. I told him that I was very glad that I got to talk to him and wished him good luck.

The whole conversation kept ringing in my head for the rest of the day. I couldn't believe how bad his luck was. The sadness of his story inspired me to write a whole poem about my conversation with him. It was really weird how fast I was able to write this poem. I was able to rhyme my lines very easily...a very strange feeling that's hard to explain. Usually I would sit down and think about what to write and how to write it, but with this one it just magically came to me and I was able to write it down. It's a great feeling. Here is the result:

"Balance" is key, said Christopher Lee
"Don't miss the forest for the trees.
Electrical Engineering is a tough degree.
Once you're out of college you'll be free.

Back when I was there I was a busy bee.
Struggled my ass off just to get a C
Senior year came and I could see clearly
Engineering was definitely not my cup of tea!

I'm sorry
I got no money
But nice try getting a pledge from me

Take my advice and don't worry
Just work hard and you'll make it through ECE
And don't forgert to go out there and PARTY
Do this so you don't end up being broke like me."

Yea...I know it sounds like a rap song, but that's just what came to my mind and I just wrote it down. I was pretty surprised after I read it cause I didn't think it would turn out to be this good given my lack of experience with poetry writing. Anyways, hope you guys like it. I've written a couple more which I will post later. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions for me.

long time no post (part 1)


It's been a month since I actually posted something real here. Why the long hiatus? Obviously I've been busy with a whole lot of things. But now that my Linear Algebra class is over I have a lot of time for more important things. I ended up passing the class which is something I'm happy about, even though I should be ashamed of my grade. But I'm officially done with Math classes forever!! I still have a couple of Stats classes left, but that's statistics and not mathematics.

I've also been working at this place called OSU Calling where we call OSU alumni and beg for money so we can make more new buildings and recreation centers for our campus. And if there's some money left we can use that for things like research and new equipment for all the different departments. It's a nice place to work for the summer if you have nothing to do. The environment is very casual since it's all college students. Also, I don't mind getting $8 per hour for sitting there and listening to hundres of phones ring in my headphones. I get to talk to alumni every now and then too. Most of them are wise enough to not fall for my fake sweet and friendly voice and my devious ways of asking for money. But then there those who do get all nostalgic and end up giving something back to their college.

I used to hate the job in the beginning cause I wasn't very good at it. At first I wouldn't know what to say when the other person refused to give money cause I couldn't find the right "objection" button on my screen. Then when I did find the button, I would just read it without thinking about it and then I'd realize later that it didn't make sense with the context. I'm also not really the type who's good at having conversations on the phone...especially with strangers. But I got used to it after about a week and a half. I sat and listened to everyone around me talk on the phone and learned from them. Sometimes I get sick of talking the way I have to on the phones with the fake enthusiastic tone, but what can you do? Ain't no use in complaining when you got a job to do.

I must say that I have gained a lot of respect for telemarketers after taking up this job. I always used to wonder why they are so annoying. But now I know that it's nothing's just their job. I am also required to ask for money three times even if they say that they are unable to give anything the first time. And then once they do decide to give me money, I have to beg them to put it on a credit card. So that way they can't just say that they are going to give and then later throw away the mail that they get from OSU.

Anyways...I have a History midterm tomorrow that I need to study for so I will continue this post later. Until then, leave me some comments to look forward to. Ta ta!

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