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Never Gonna Get It


Posting after 22 days. Better than 2 months but still not as frequent as I had promised. WTF happened? Well, this Srujan thing came in the way so... Sigh, when will I stop giving excuses for not doing what I plan to do.

Let's see, what has been happening since the beginning of this quarter? Well I have a lot more free time now than last quarter. So it's been hard for me to manage my time because most of the free time I get I end up wasting it by not doing schoolwork. I started to miss last quarter when I was busy every hour of every week so I had no other option but to study and do work. And then Srujan came...

Srujan 2006 was alrite. Preparing for it was a bitch. As expected, we didn't have the necessary info till the last minute. So our MC script wasn't done until a few hours before the show. In fact, even the video that I wanted to make wasn't done until just a few hours before the show. And there were soo many ideas that me and Adip had that never made it into the final script due to lack of planning. But overall it was fun. We had a good time being on stage and it was worth the running around and sleeping less and starving ourselves till the end of the show. Here are some highlights:

Awesome Intro

Indian Idols

Happy ending. Thanks Jeniffer!!

Poor Ashish came all the way from Ann Arbor and I didn't even get to hang out with him for that long. Sorry buddy! I'll make up for it!

So cute! Except for that one in the middle.

Just kidding...So that was Srujan 2006. I wonder how it will be next year when most of us won't be in the executive committee of ISA. Will the new Indians prove my theory wrong, that we Indians are just not capable of planning and implementing a huge event? That we'll continue to use the excuse that we work better under pressure? We'll have to wait and see. But for now, let's talk about classes. It's nice to have only 2 ECE classes this quarter. The other two are Engineering Economics and 2nd Writing Course in Engineering. The four of them still add up to a lot of homework. Hence the lack of updates. Oh and then there's voice class with Sonal which is so much fun. I don't know why she was getting so nervous for it. She has a nice voice and she can sing just fine! And how can I forget Social Dance 2. I must admit though, this class is a little disappointing this quarter. First of all, most of the people in it are graduating. Secondly, most of them took the first one last quarter, so they are much better at dancing. Third, there are too many couples in the class. And last but not the least, THERE'S NOT ENOUGH SOCIALIZING!!! I come to class and the teacher just tells us to go find a partner. I mean WTF! Let me at least get the lady's name, major, phone number, etc...and then we can get into dancing! Unlike last year, however, I have been paying a lot more attention and focusing on the dance part this time. I have made it a goal to master one dance style by the end of this class. I still miss "dancing" with Andrea though.

Now that the weather is improving, going to the gym is exciting once again. I can't believe how weak I have become after not going to the gym all last quarter. It's so frustrating cause it feels like I'm back where I started and I have to do everything all over again. I hope I recover faster this time.

I'm all caught up with 'Lost' now so I can watch it on TV if I have the time. Also, the new 'Sopranos' season started in March so I get to watch that every Sunday. Still waiting for the long list of movies I mentioned in the last post. But I've seen a lot of new hindi movies recently. I think Bollywood is finally understanding the concept of a "good" movie. But more about that in another post.

It's 3 AM and I'm damn tired but I'm also craving some Buckeye Donuts. Good nite for now.

Mood: Hungry & Sleepy
Music: Sean Biggs - Never Gonna Get It

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