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I dont think there's anyone as forgetful as me. Honestly. I mean, who else can go to a fast food place, sit there for like 40 minutes taking notes in a notebook, and then walk out of there without it. And even after that, I didn't realize it until about 11:30 at night when i opened my backpack and found my notebook missing. I was freaking out since I had a midterm the next morning and all my notes were in there. Plus, I was missing my other notes and exams which I would need for my finals. I was just angry at myself for being so damn careless. After figuring out where I could possibly have left it, I found out that the place opens at 7AM in the morning, so i planned to get up and go there first thing in the morning. Obviously that didn't happen cause i was too tired. And then, something really cool happened. Deepa texted me saying that she went to Oxley's and got it for me. I can't even express how relieved i felt after reading that. Sometimes I just dont know what i would do without my friends. I might be forgetful, but i'm also a lucky SOB.

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i love sleep


why does sleeping feel soooooo damn good? i was up till about 2:15 last night studying for my Math 366 exam until i realized that i couldn't concentrate anymore because i was feeling too sleepy. So i just changed quickly and landed on my bed. The room was freezing and suddenly, as i was sliding in my blanket, everything felt like it was in slowmotion. my warm comforter was like a cloud enveloping around me as i was trying to get comfortable. soon after that i hugged my pillow tightly as it hugged me back. i went to sleep with a smile on my if nothing mattered anymore. not even the fact that i wasn't prepared for my exam. all i thought about was how glad i was to be in my bed, 12 stories up in the air, in my freezing room, anticipating a good night's sleep. the best sleep is when you're really tired and you just dont care for anything anymore. and all that matters is the fact that ur sleeping happily (yea neil...i'm sure you know what i mean! ;-) ). some people say that i sleep too much, which is probably true. but i really think that i need at least 10 hours of sleep every night. not that i sleep that much every night...but i should. and for some reason i dont even feel bad...i'm not sure if that's good...but oh well! i'm just grateful of having the pleasure of sleeping peacefully.

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